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Western Lights is a collection of essays from the viewpoint of a Western Buddhist teacher.

Clouds Tell Us is a collection of poetry exploring the intersection of nature and our humanity.

I’ve been practicing Buddhism seriously for about fifteen years and teaching since 2009.  I’ve received teachings from the Pure Land, Chan (Zen), and Vajryana traditions as well as Buddhist Qigong.

I’ve rekindled my interest in art and paired it with my knack for bringing people together.

I’ve created a series of collaborative art projects. You should join in.

I spend a lot of my day working in technology. Read more about my work life on Linkedin

At Patreon you can make small monthly micro-contributions that help support my work.
pplogo384 If Patreon doesn’t work for you, then drop me a one time contribution at PayPal.me


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Please contact me to say hello, ask about my art projects, tell me you disagree with me, or to ask me questions about teaching and speaking engagements.
Please don’t contact me to tell me you can improve my SEO, quadruple my twitter followers, or to alter my anatomy.

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