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In the Mail – The Broken Glass Art Project

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The first 18 images are in the mail (e- and/or snail-). A good start, but more would be better.  I’m really excited about this project, I’m hoping for a little of the same and a little in the category I like to call “something completely different”. What do you mean completely different?  I’m looking for some real off the wall approaches to responding to this call for art.  First, since participants are keeping the art (past projects the art was mailed on post cards) the format that I get it…read more

Ideas For the Broken Glass Art Project

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I’ve already gotten some good questions about the Broken Glass Art Project. In response I’ve put together a list of ideas. The first question was this:  Do I have to use broken glass in my art work? Here’s my response: You certainly don’t need to use glass.  But you could. Or you could: paint on it, fold it into origami, make it part of a collage, extend or highlight some of the lines to emphasize an image that you see in the mishmash, you could make a t-shirt out of it,…read more

Join the Broken Glass Art Project

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So, I’ve kicked off another art project titled The Broken Glass Art Collaborative. It’s another opportunity for us to do art together.  You can treat it as a spiritual practice, an excuse to get together with friends, or a way to connect with other people around the world. The Broken glass series is inspired by a directive in the book Grapefruit, A Book of Instructions and Drawings by Yoko One.  Originally published in the year I was born (1964), it offers hundreds of koan like instructions for producing paintings, music,…read more