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If We Are Reborn, How Does Population Grow? – Dialectic Two Step

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Question: If, when we die, we are reborn and go into another body, how is it possible that the population is growing? Population numbers shouldn’t change. Response: I believe that this and similar questions are better than any answers that could possibly be given. It points to the suffering that comes with fixed views on something as fuzzy as rebirth. For me this question has bounded my expectations around karma and its effect on the future. I cannot fathom what it would be like to be reborn. I have no recollection…read more

Being Religious – Beautiful? – Dialectic Two Step

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Question: What is the most beautiful part of being religious? Response: Religion means to reconnect with the divine. I would say that beauty is secondary, and possibly an obstacle, to it’s purpose. If you wish to acknowledge the divine, then you must acknowledge everything. Beauty, ugliness, good, evil, light, dark, and so on are all part of creation. The divine is and must be vast, intimidating, and wondrous. So,words fall short. But, if I must answer the question, I would say the most wonderful thing religion has to offer is…read more

There’s Nothing You Can Do to Change the World, So Don’t Ever Stop Trying

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At a retreat I was helping to lead some time ago, I made a comment during the Dharma talk that rustled a few feathers. It went something like this, “There’s nothing you can do to change the world.” At the end of the retreat one of the participants followed up for clarification. He asked with a friendly but incredulous look on his face, “Did you really mean that?”I admit, it sounds harsh. But, let me explain. It’s Not Just a Good Idea, It’s the Law I’ve just finished reading a…read more

What Does Pure Land Buddhism Teach? – Dialectic Two Step

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Question: What does Pure Land Buddhism teach? Response: The Pure Land Sutra is the enlightenment story of the Bodhisattva Dharmakāra. The story is set in the impossibly distant past. Upon fulfillment of 48 vows Dharmakāra became the Buddha Amitabha. Two of those vows are the central focus of the Pure Land school. 18. If I would become a Buddha, then any sentient being in any one of the ten directions who would earnestly believe and willingly wish to be born in my Pure Land, even if for only the duration of…read more

An Angry God – Dialectic Two Step

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Question: Is Allah an angry God compared to the all-loving, all-good Christian God? Response: Do you mean the all loving, all good Christian God who massacred the first born sons of Egypt. The God who wiped out the entire populations of Sodom and Gomorrah and promised to destroy the enemies of Israel? The same God who tormented Job and sent his only son to the cross? If there is a God and that God is the creator and architect of this world, as well as the author of holy scripture,…read more

Why Do We Choose To Suffer? – Dialectic Two Step

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Question: Why do we choose to suffer? Response: We don’t. It sounds fairly ridiculous that someone would choose suffering. We suffer because of our choices. The choices that lead to suffering are made on faulty expectations. It’s indirect. We choose things to make us happy. We choose to go on a diet to lose weight. We choose marriage to make love last. We choose a religion to reconnect with the divine. Our suffering comes because we discover that achieving happiness, healthiness, and good relationships isn’t as simple as choosing and…read more

Why Are Christians the Most Persecuted Minority in The World? – Dialectic Two Step

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The image displayed shows the results of an Open Doors 2016 study of the top 50 nations where Christian’s face persecution. It should be noted that the study is in the context of an organization whose goal is to evangelize. Evangelism takes as its foundation the idea the Christianity is a superior religion to the local majority religion. To begin, I want to call out what facts I consider to be solid. Christianity is the largest religion. A larger population is subject to a larger variety of phenomena; including acceptance,…read more