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Question: Are atheists and agnostics illogical regarding the spiritual realm?

Response: It depends. I presume that you’re talking about the truth or falsity of arguments about the existence of the spiritual realm. First a few points about logic.

  1. Logic applies to arguments
    An argument is logical or illogical based on its form. Not based on the truth of its assumptions. For example, you can have an argument that has all true assumptions, but still be illogical – e.g. a horse has four legs, some horses are brown, therefore there are no black horses
    Logic can apply to false assumptions just fine.

So, anyone can be illogical when it comes to the spiritual realm.

But, when it comes to the claim that a spiritual realm exists, one has to agree on the evidential criteria for truth. Atheists and agnostics, and this is a generalization, are more likely to require the scientific standard for existence, i.e. that it can be measured.

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