Join the Post Card Art Project II (2016-17)

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So, I’ve kicked off the second Post Card Art Project II. I’ve selected an photo of some beach art that a young friend produced this spring.  I’ve got her permission to use the image and the planning is done.

Here’s the Plan

I’ve taken a photograph and broken it down into many (42) smaller images.  Each image is on a postcard that will be mailed to participants (you!). I’m asking you to add to it in your own particular way.  There are rules and they will be broken.  Here’s what I propose:


The theme will be: Send me letters. Using letters, or words, or anything else that can be constructed with letters, find your way of adding to the background image. Rules can be broken and ignored.

Let’s Go

If that sounds fun, then fill in the form here to get your postcards.


The Post Card Art Series

This is one of a series of Post Card Art Projects. These are collaborative arts project done on postcards with people all over the world. 

Using an image divided into sections, I created postcards for each section.  I printed, pre-stamp, and mailed them out to patreon supporters, friends, and blog readers who expressed an interest. The artists add their art, mail the cards back, and I assemble them.

The results are fun and unique.

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