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Change Happens? – Say What?

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If you enjoyed this post,  please like and share. Say What?  is an ongoing series of laconic exchanges on Buddhism in the format of a comic strip.  Dialectic Two Step, Modern Koans, Verse Us, Say What?, and Minute Meditations all copyright Andrew Furst Subscribe to My NewsletterJoin me for a little peace through reflection, art, video, sound, and poetry Leave this field empty if you’re human:

Buddhism and the Law of Attraction – Dialectic Two Step

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Question: How do I apply the Law of Attraction while practicing Buddhism when they are both the opposite of each other? Buddhism is about seeing the impermanence and suffering of everything. The Law of Attraction suggests we focus on the good. Response: I wouldn’t call the “Law of Attraction” the opposite of Buddhism. They don’t really overlap cleanly. Buddhism is about decreasing suffering by addressing the poisons of greed, hatred, and delusion. The Law of Attraction is about your dreams coming true. These are two very different pursuits. If the…read more

Is Religion Necessary for Modern Society? – Modern Koans

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Question: Is religion necessary for modern society? Response: The persistence of an idea or an ideology can be found in the advantage it offers its followers. So when we talk about necessity, I think we should be focused at a higher level than religion. I would suggest what is necessary, is that we have a world view. Some of us hold a world view that is religious. Others – e.g. atheists – have a worldview that is not. There are more religious people than there are non-religious people. So, I…read more

The Best Articles of January 2018

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Here’s a selected list of what people were reading here on in January 2018 : People are Strange – Quotes Faces – Tiny Drops (Photography) At What Point are We No Longer Human? – Modern Koans Briggs Brook Falls – A Minute Meditation Carl Sagan on Delusions – Quotes Make A Career of Humanity – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr To Autumn by John Keats – Compass Songs The Flower by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin – Compass Songs Immersed – Verse Us (Poems by Me) Found – Verse Us (Poems…read more

Happy – Found Art

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Happy – This found art, inspired by Austin Kleon, arises from a new daily meditation practice – blackout (or in this case black, red, and yellow out) poetry. I’ve taken a book about Lee Hood (a pioneer in the fields of genetics) and, one page at a time, I search for and find poems. I suspect one or more of this series will end up in the mailboxes of my Patreon supporters.


Ferry Beach Surf – A Five Minute Meditation

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. In this five minute meditation Allow your body to synchronize with the rhythm of the surf At the end of each 1 minute interval, a singing bowl will ring. Allow the sound to reverberate up and down your spine and throughout your body. Let the sound bring your body, breath, and mind together into the present moment.   Ferry Beach, Saco, ME If you enjoyed this post,  please like and share. Minute Meditations is an ongoing series of short videos, poems, and commentary intended as a meditation.  Offered as an opportunity…read more