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Western Lights

A Collection of Essays on Buddhism.

Western Lights is a collection of essays from the viewpoint of a Western Buddhist teacher. It speaks about Eastern concepts like karma, hope, attachment, and emptiness from a personal perspective and in terms familiar to Americans.

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Clouds Tell Us

Poetry at the Intersection of Nature and Our Humanity.

Clouds Tell Us is a collection of poetry exploring the intersection of nature and our humanity. What does it mean to be awake? What is it like to actually be alive? What could be more important than being awake for life?

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Signed copies can be purchased at the store.

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The Most Attended Poems by Andrew Furst

Captured in this small volume are the most attended poems I’ve written thus far (I’ll avoid the term popular, that’s far too presumptuous).  They say, you must let your readers decide what’s best.  Here’s what you’ve chosen.

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