Clouds Tell Us

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Clouds Tell Us

Clouds Tell Us

Clouds Tell Us is a collection of poetry exploring the intersection of nature and our humanity. What does it mean to be awake? What is it like to actually be alive? What could be more important than being awake for life? Nothing brings us back to it more than spending time in nature. This book hopes to inspire you to rediscover your connection with nature and to rekindle your humanity.

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Reviews of Clouds Tell Us

Eric Swanson – Co-Author of The Joy of Living, Joyful Wisdom, and Open Heart, Open Mind

Direct, Profound, and Absorbing – Andrew Furst’s Clouds Tell Us is an extraordinary collection of Buddhist-inspired poetry that encourages us to reexamine with fresh eyes our relationship to our environment, to others, and to the nature of our own being. The directness of the language in each piece challenges readers to seek the profundity of its meaning, reminiscent of the songs of Milarepa or certain Zen koans.

The short, three-line poem, “Released,” for example, could serve as a basis for meditation for a week, a month, or a year. Kudos to Mr. Furst for producing such an engaging and satisfying work of poetry.

Benjamin Riggs – author of Finding God in the Body, director of the Refuge Meditation Group in Shreveport, LA, and contributor on Elephant Journal.

In Clouds Tell Us, Andrew Furst uncovers the relationship between man and nature. He does not explain this relationship, but exposes it with the direct and simple style of poetry characteristic of Zen. His poetry conveys the presence and awareness of the author, not some detached point of view. Furthermore, Clouds Tell Us takes the human condition and spirituality out of the clouds and brings it back down to earth, a needed migration in the field of spiritual literature.

Roald Wilson – Musician, Music Director, Builder of Sound

Find sanctuary, balance, and inspiration… When I first got this book last summer, I read it straight through in one day, which is about as wise as speed-eating a gourmet meal. Since then I’ve tried to let the poems’ pace and rhythm steady me. I try to breath with the words, reading perhaps only a few lines in a sitting.

I use the poems to find–or create–those quieter moments in my day. And like my favorite music, film, or visual arts, the depth and humanity of Mr. Furst’s craft continue to reward further contemplation and return visits. Some poems are simple and clear, some are dark mysteries. Some haunt, some dance like leaves in the wind. Some re-assure, some trouble the waters, others stimulate a hunger for more knowledge about faith traditions that too often go under-appreciated in the noisy traffic of our society.

The themes of nature and relationship may sound like familiar, safe turf for a poet, but these poems often surprise, challenge, and delight. His ability to connect the otherworldly, philosophical, and dreamlike with the clear-eyed, pragmatic, and tactile suggest a template for coping with… well, the clash between the eternal and the maelstrom that is our modern world.

I’ve had the fortune of knowing the author personally for some time, and it’s always been obvious that his beliefs and spiritual practices have produced a harvest of insight, peace, humor, strength, and gratitude. Sadly, until we can clone him, you can’t all have your own Mr. Furst in the flesh. But for only a bit more than you might pay for a fancy coffee, you can hold these pages as a companion. Share his words and thoughts and find sanctuary, balance, and inspiration…

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