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Making a Buddhist Mala – Patreon Rewards

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A friend was just telling me they were trying to restring a mala.  I thought I’d post a video of me making malas that I give Patreon Supporters and the instructions that I’ve been using Instructions Materials: Silk thread .6mm 0.024 in (~ 48” per mala) 3 spacer beads – three beads, usually larger or of different material than the rest Guru and cap beads Sharp Scissors Small bowl Beading needles (curved and straight) – buy straight ones and curve one for stringing the guru bead 108 beads (8mm or 10mm…read more

Keeping The Lights On – Patreon Rewards

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I wanted to remind folks about the opportunity to earn Patreon Rewards for making micro-contributions to support my work here on the web and beyond.  Patreon is a new way to pay your favorite creators for making the stuff you love. Here’s a short 3 minute video to learn more.  Watch it or head on over to Patreon to make a contribution. I’m just working on keeping the lights on. So, please, if you enjoy what I offer, take refuge in a meditation, benefit from what I teach, find inspiration in something I write,…read more

On the Road – Patreon Colorado Photo Collection

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. I took a road trip, perhaps not purely in the style of Jack Kerouac, but he was on my mind.  I flew into Denver, drove down to Cimarron, New Mexico to pick up my son, continued on to Albuquerque and then turned around. As you know, getting out to nature is something that I encourage (in fact my book Clouds Tell Us is a collection of poetry about this entirely).  The drive and the stops I made along the way provided a lot of awe inspiring photography moments, but most moments…read more