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What’s the shortest path the awakening?  Children. Kids clarify life instantly. Any delusions of grandiose purpose are shattered. We are alive to raise our children.  Our purpose, motivation, and desire are all governed by the primary biological directive – pass on your genes.  This isn’t a disparaging or cold observation, it’s functional and illuminating. Surrendering to our “higher purpose” is both liberating and satisfying.

Looking into the eyes of your child, whether they were born two minutes ago or two decades ago, stokes the fire of unconditional love.

I have two children who have grown into two fine men. They couldn’t be any more different, yet they both share an abundance of noble traits including kindness, broad mindedness, and respect for others. They are quick to help and to offer a kind word.

My oldest has shown me different ways of being a man.  He has made many choices different than I did and he has reaped the benefits. I see hard work, but great success in his future.

My youngest shares my impish sensibilities and my artistic aspirations. His abilities have proven vastly superior to mine (thanks probably due to my wife’s genes). But he also carries with him a deep sensitivity and different way of looking at the world. As with my oldest, I see hard work, but great success for him.

If you are not a parent, you may be reading this as your typical parental doting over their child, and of course you are right. But if you are wise or a parent, you will recognize the manifestation of life’s purpose in these words. You will recognize the path of the Bodhisattva in parenthood.

To both of my boys, I am deeply grateful to you. I am grateful in ways you might not understand until you find someone to care for and love unconditionally. Until my last breath, I will be here for you.

May all children have a parent to care for and love them
May all children be free from abuse and neglect
May they find a path to adulthood that is safe, enriching, and meaningful
May all children find a path to fulfillment

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