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Question: If you don’t know who or what God is, how will you recognize evidence for God?

Response: Do you need to have knowledge of God in order to prove that God exists? <robot voice>alert, alert. you have successfully engaged the logic game, if you wish to play, your success requires that you follow the rules. If you break them, you need to accept correction or defeat.</robot voice>

A claim of belief by one person or even a group of people does not constitute evidence.

To make a knowledge claim carries with it a heavier burden. There are a group of people who believe the earth is flat; another that believes the moon landings were faked; even more who believe that the color of your skin defines your value in society. These beliefs will never make the transition to knowledge, because they fail the evidence test.

If I were to claim that you are a murderer and that you should be executed, everyone, especially you, would pause and ask for concrete observable evidence. Standard evidence include a body, a weapon, a motive, and so on.Should the fact that I claim to know you’re a murderer be sufficient to execute you? What if the prosecutor was able to select a jury who all claimed knowledge that you were a murderer and did not feel the need to produce any evidence. Would this be sufficient for you?

When people engage logic to support their beliefs, they are often inclined to change the rules when their arguments don’t hold up.  Beliefs are very personal and represent an integral part of how we view ourselves. Invalidating a belief has serious consequences that most of us are unprepared to accept.

When God and logic mix, the results are not good for believers.  Sincere theists commonly appeal for exceptions to the rules of logic when they get sucked into arguments, because the accepted rules of logic and evidence do not allow for a valid argument for the existence of God.

If you agree to join in the logic game, you need to use the logic rule book. If you break the rules, you’ve made a wrong move and you must accept correction or defeat. If you decide you don’t like a rule and that it doesn’t apply to you, you’ve disqualified yourself. Game over.

The rules of logic and evidence do not permit an argument for the existence of God, For that reason, I recommend theist avoid getting pulled into playing the logic game.

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