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The senses are the gateway to the ultimate. Oh what a joy and a privilege to have your senses available to you. Particularly relevant to Pure Land Buddhism is the ability to hear the name that calls.  Namo Amitofo.


When one dwells in silence, Rolls of drums in ten directions,
All can be simultaneously heard. Thus is hearing complete.
Seeing cannot penetrate a screen, Neither can taste nor smell;
Feeling comes only in contact, And thought in focus lack.
But sound whether near or far, At all times can be heard;
The other senses are imperfect, Only hearing is truly pervasive.
The presence and absence of sound, Perceived by the ear as existent or not;
Absence of sound means nothing heard, Not hearing devoid of its nature.
Absence of sound is not the end of hearing, And presence of sound is not its beginning.
The faculty of hearing is unborn, Undying and one with the Truth

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Please enjoy and meditate on these sounds, feel the unwavering connection they make with you and the feeling they instill. Click on the arrow to listen to each.



I am grateful for my ability to hear the world.

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Meditations on Gratitude – A series on people and situations I’m thankful for.

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