Ideas For the Broken Glass Art Project

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I’ve already gotten some good questions about the Broken Glass Art Project. In response I’ve put together a list of ideas.

The first question was this:  Do I have to use broken glass in my art work?

Here’s my response: You certainly don’t need to use glass.  But you could. Or you could:

  • paint on it,
  • fold it into origami,
  • make it part of a collage,
  • extend or highlight some of the lines to emphasize an image that you see in the mishmash,
  • you could make a t-shirt out of it,
  • or a sticker,
  • you could make it a small part of a larger work of art,
  • you could write over it with your favorite Bible passage or steamy love scene from a Harlequin romance novel,
  • you could use it to wrap a secret piece of art,
  • you could mail it to the president (send me a picture of the envelope),
  • or something else that pops into your brain.

I hope that helps

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