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A friend was just telling me they were trying to restring a mala.  I thought I’d post a video of me making malas that I give Patreon Supporters and the instructions that I’ve been using



  1. Silk thread .6mm 0.024 in (~ 48” per mala)
  2. 3 spacer beads – three beads, usually larger or of different material than the rest
  3. Guru and cap beads
  4. Sharp Scissors
  5. Small bowl
  6. Beading needles (curved and straight) – buy straight ones and curve one for stringing the guru bead
  7. 108 beads (8mm or 10mm are best)
  8. Super glue for knots  
  9. Embroidery floss (matching color of beading thread)
  10. Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield for Knots and tassel winding.

Step 1: Beading Supply gathering

Collect the following items in your small bowl:

  • Beading string (at least 48”)
  • Guru bead
  • 27 beads
  • 1 spacer bead
  • Beading needles (curved and straight)

Step 2: Beading

  • String the Guru bead onto your beading string with your curved beading needle (try this video).
  • Switch to the straight needle
  • String on 27 beads
  • Add the spacer bead

Step 3: More beads

Gather these items in the small bowl

  • 27 beads
  • 1 spacer bead

Step 4: And More Beading

  • String on 27 beads
  • Add the spacer bead
  • Repeat steps 3 & 4 until 108 beads and three spacers are strung

Step 5: The Guru Bead and cap

  • Switch back to the curved needle

making malas

  • String the Guru bead onto your beading string with your curved beading needle
  • Switch to the straight needle
  • Thread both ends of the beading string through the cap

Step 6: Gather Tassel materials

  • Embroidery floss
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Glue

Step 6: Make the Tassels

(watch the video at 00:37)

  • Wrap the embroidery floss around your hands 8 times
  • Cut the floss into two equal sections (two cuts)
  • Tie the tassel atop the guru cap bead with a square knot and dab a drop of super glue on the knot
  • Let dry (a few minutes is fine)
  • Cut another length of embroidery floss about 12 – 16 inches ling
  • Fold a loop and lay the loop so it is over the guru bead and the floss extends past the tassel
  • Use the long end of the floss to wrap around the tassel (8-12 times depending on your aesthetic), leaving the loop exposed
  • Thread the long end of the floss through the loop and then pull the loop underneath the wrap to tie it off
  • Apply the Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield all around the wrap to secure it.
  • Let dry
  • Trim the end of the tassel to your liking

You’re Done

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