Pure Land Buddhist – What Do They Believe?

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What are the main beliefs of Pure Land Buddhism?


The shortest answer could be this: faith, vows, and practice

  1. Faith – Faith in the Buddha’s way. Not blind faith, but a faith in the sense that we develop confidence with each passing day that the sun will set in the western sky. Faith in the truths of suffering, the causes of suffering, and a path away from it. Faith in our Buddha Nature.
  2. Vows – The aspiration for rebirth in the Pure Land, for the blossoming of our Buddha nature, for realizing our natural propensity for contentment, equanimity, joy, and compassion.
  3. Practice – Acknowledging Other Power as the source of our liberation. This is done by reciting the name of the Buddha – Amitabha – with the sincere desire for rebirth in the Pure Land – Sukhavati – the land of bliss.

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