The Mantra of Quan Yin Bodhisattva

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Note: The original video linked to this post was the unedited raw footage of Goldmine Falls.  The updated video now linked has the Quan Yin/Guanyin mantra.

Today’s minute meditation is of Goldmine Brook Falls in Chester, MA in August 2015. I combined the slow motion image of the water falling over the beautiful falls with the mantra of Quan Yin Bodhisattva (Guanyin) and a singing bell.

Meditation: The chant you will hear behind the sound of the singing bell is the mantra of Quan Yin. Quan Yin, is the Chinese, and fittingly female, representation of the Bodhisattva of Compassion. As you listen to the bell and see the waterfall flowing slowly down, direct some of that compassion of yours back onto yourself

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Minute Meditations is an ongoing series of short videos, poems, and commentary intended as a meditation.  Offered as an opportunity to step back from your cyber routine and settle into a more natural rhythm, if only for a minute.

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These videos are produced for those of us who spend an inordinately large amount of time in the cyber-world.  They are not a substitute for unplugging from your devices and taking a stroll near trees, water, or a patch of unkempt grass.  Getting out into the world – touching, smelling, hearing, and seeing nature is the best way to reconnect with our prime purpose.  

What is our prime purpose? We are feeling and sensing machines.  We are the universe looking back on itself. We are witness to the wonders and dangers of living in this corner of the cosmos.  We are the seekers looking for connection a little further beyond yesterday’s borders and boundaries.

But sitting and staring at the screen robs us of the sustenance that we rely upon for wonder and sanity.  These videos are an opportunity to bring the sensations of nature to you, while you’re in the cyber-world. Its an opportunity to relax your gaze, resettle your posture,  and regain some depth in your breath.  Listen and watch the video and allow your self to open up and recharge.

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