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The thing that white America has yet to grapple with in considering black Americans as their equals, is that we are blind to our relative virtues.  As whites, liberal or conservative, we work from an assumption that the black person should be elevated; that they should endeavor in some fashion to achieve the white ideal.  This makes sense from our perspective as we reflect on our relative wealth, opportunity, and virtue.

As we consider the sad conditions of the past, whites have found a new way. To make amends we’ve slowly begun to offer people of color citizenship in the economic and spiritual promised land they were previously excluded from.  They are slowly gaining access to the benefits of our culture. But at what cost?

What is this wealth but the legacy of slavery’s free labor.  What is this opportunity, but the empty promise of greedy corporate con artists who have created wealth inequality and a generation of wage slaves?  And what is this virtue but the culture of genocide and the spirituality of dominion?  How is this new way different from our former delusions of supremacy?

If we were to carefully examine our position, we’d find ourselves wanting for the virtue we espouse and falling short of the moral standards of those we consider beneath us.Andrew Furst

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Quotes -The path to right view is an arduous walk through fields of manure.

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