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Can I Learn Buddhist Super Powers? – Dialectic Two-Step

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Question: Is there someplace in the world where they teach Buddhist super powers? Response: What exactly do you mean by super powers? What super powers are you interested in? Would you take anything anyone had to offer? To what end would you want to use this super power? The King Midas story offers a good view onto the drawbacks of super powers. Everything he touched turned to gold. He found that he couldn’t eat or drink as all his food and wine turned to gold when he touched it! Besides,…read more

Are You True to Yourself? – Modern Koans

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Question: Are You True to Yourself or Are You Living According to Other People’s Expectations? Response: What is this “yourself” that you should be true to? Isn’t it an amalgamation of your upbringing, influences of friends (and enemies), etc all merged into a slippery and ever changing self image? Don’t you wear clothing because of what society deems as acceptable? You eat food as its been prepared for you? Don’t you respond to your environment in ways that millennia of evolutionary adaptation has prepared you to? Do you not speak…read more

Do We Need a Reason To Be Happy? – Dialectic Two-Step

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Question: Do We Need a Reason To Be Happy? ..and if yes then should it be tied to a person, goal or what? Response: I think you have another alternative. First, happiness is a temporary thing. More precisely happiness is as temporary as the things that we tie it too. If we seek happiness in quick fix bursts – like sugar, sex, or shiny things – our happiness will be short lived. If we tie it to things that are lasting but more difficult to attain, happiness can be hard to…read more