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Modern Koans – Why Right View?

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The Eightfold Path Series This is the one of several posts I will be offering titled the Eightfold Path Series. As I’ve reflected on my experience, I’ve come to see the Path as both the practice and the fruition. As we inch closer to realization of our true nature, we discover that the wisdom, ethics, and mindfulness prescribed by the Buddha are the most natural expression of our being. John Daido Loori Roshi’s book Invoking Reality was transformational for me. In it Roshi turns the path on it’s head in a way that uncovers it’s challenge…read more

What is the Middle Way? – Dialectic Two Step

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Estimated reading time: 5 minute(s) What is the Middle Way? Lama Surya Das recently tweeted: For me, the Middle Way is Buddha’s greatest teaching. I’m inclined to agree. It informs us in every part of life. It is a tool to discipline the mind, a key to right view, and a balm to sooth suffering. Nagarjuna is recognized as the Buddhist scholar saint who articulated the Madhyamaka – the school of the middle way. At its core is the subtle teaching of sunyata or emptiness. For the mind, the middle…read more

How Do We Start Learning About Buddhism? – Dialectic Two Step

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If you enjoyed this post,  please like and share. Dialectic Two-Step  is an ongoing series of my thoughts on questions that come my way. Wisdom lies neither in fixity nor in change, but in the dialectic between the two. – Octavio Dialectic Two Step, Modern Koans, Verse Us, Say What?, and Minute Meditations all copyright Andrew Furst Subscribe to My NewsletterJoin me for a little peace through reflection, art, video, sound, and poetry Leave this field empty if you’re human: How Do We Start Learning About Buddhism? Learning about Buddhism all starts with a…read more

Relics – Grace

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The Relics series are throwback articles from previous years. They seem timeless enough to be relevant today. Try as you will, you cannot annihilate that eternal relic of the human heart, love. – Victor Hugo  Grace I want to continue on the topic of Pure Land Buddhism that I’ve been writing about in recent posts 1 I think Buddhism has a mystical appeal to westerners. I mean that in the popular sense of the word. When people hear that I’m Buddhist, I often get a friendly but comical bow or…read more