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Where Do Mind and Matter Come From? – Dialectic Two Step

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Estimated reading time: 9 minute(s) Question: What Is The Ground From Which Mind and Matter Come? Response: This is a pretty rich and potentially confusing question. The question and the answer requires knowledge of the particularly Buddhist concepts being bantered around. Words like ground and mind have distinct meanings in Buddhism and they are in a certain context. I think we should strip away a lot of the fancy dressing and talk about this in simpler terms. To that end I’ll rephrase the question: Where do mind and matter come from? I’ll…read more

The Cult of Science – Dialectic Two Step

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Estimated reading time: 10 minute(s) Comment: “It’s only been in recent years that scientists are realizing how screwed up their cult has become. Much of what scientists believe is based upon unprovable hypotheses. There is a great deal of arrogance in the cult of science” Response: I hear your frustration when it comes to arrogance and attitude.  These are familiar human traits and people on both sides of the science-religion argument bring them to the table.  It’s going to be tit for tat on this dimension as long as there…read more

Meditations on Gratitude – Science

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Hypothesis, Argue, Repeat Debate, logic and rhetoric are wonderful things.  They are the tools by which we capture hearts and minds. They are the nuts and bolts of leadership, politics, and philosophy. They are my tool kit for writing this article. I love them dearly and do not wish them vanquished. But what benefit do they have to offer?  Are they calibrated for goodness or for truth? Do they produce facts (setting aside the argument on the Socratic Method).  Do they create buildings, feed the hungry, or guarantee freedom and justice? No. In…read more