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Here’s a list of fifteen things I get wrong every time.

  1. Folding fitted sheets
  2. Choosing the right lottery numbers
  3. Trying to change someone else’s mind
  4. Losing weight
  5. Figuring out what God is
  6. Trying to solve other people’s problems
  7. Finding four consecutive integers whose product is a square
  8. Go on the internet and not get side tracked
  9. Writing
  10. Knowing what’s right and wrong for someone else
  11. Writing a comprehensive list
  12. Making someone else achieve enlightenment
  13. Avoiding confirmation bias
  14. Proving someone else wrong
  15. Making a point

What’s your list?


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Modern Koans is an ongoing series that recognizes that good questions are often more important than their answers.

The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man. ― G.K. Chesterton

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