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Clouds Tell Us – Editing Is Complete

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My editor Lisa Cerasoli and I have just wrapped up edits to Clouds Tell Us.  So now we go back to Garrett Brown to format the book for print and kindle.  We’re getting close. My book, Clouds Tell Us.  is a collection of poetry exploring the intersection of nature and our humanity. It includes traditional forms like haiku and tanka, free-verse, and others. I invest time in writing poetry for two reasons It pushes me to be fully awake to the emotions and sensations that make me who I am. This helps…read more

One Minute Meditation – Field Pond Sunset

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Field Pond Sunset The sun rising and setting over water holds a little secret about this world.  The video shows it clearly.  Why does the light make a path directly to us?  Of course, the answer is perspective. If we were someone else, sitting on the other side of Field Pond, the sunshine would make another distinct path towards us?  This is obvious, but also a little enigmatic. If we scratch the surface of this, it unlocks a Pandora’s box of questions and observation. What is the nature of the…read more

Christmas Eve by Bill Berkson – Compass Songs

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Christmas Eve by Bill Berkson                     for Vincent Warren Behind the black water tower under the grey of the sky that feeds it smoke speeds to where a pigeon spreads its wings This is no great feat Cold pushes out its lust We walk we drink we cast our giggling insults Would you please leave the $2.50 you owe me I would rather not talk about it just now              Money bores me I would like to visit someone…read more