Spilling: A Video Poem

  This poem - Spilling - is another example of automatic poetry I've been creating over the last few years.  One way that I chose to edit the poem was to put it to music.   I ended up really liking the musical version of it.  The poems was accepted by New Note Poetry .  After the launch of the poem on the online magazine , the editor asked if the authors wanted to do a video reading. I suggested using the video and it was well received. I thought I'd share with you.

Poetry/Song Live Reading - November 20th

 My Poem Spilling that I put to music will be performed at New Note Poetry's live reading on November 20th.     Spilling is one of a growing collection of automatic poetry that I've been creating.

A Series of Published Works: Print: 1291 numbers (016)

  1291 numbers (016) Ink & pencil on paper Published in Stonecrop Magazine

A Series of Published Works: Print: 1188 Monoprint 4X7 (158)

  1188 Monoprint 4X7 (158) Ink and pencil on paper Published in Stonecrop Magazine

A Series of Published Works: Print: 1146 Minimal (11)

  1146 Minimal (11) ink & pencil on paper published in Stonecrop Magazine

A Poem: Impossible

  Impossible The drawers are lined with messages from the dead, Scattered in with the papers, clips, and keys. These messages - Musty whispers and jots,  Receipts and ticket stubs, Fill the drawers, All the drawers, In all the desks,  In all the buildings,  They are needing transmission to the living. When your time comes  To transmit -  Be it grief or joy - Leave a message in the drawer, So the living might know. Published in Superpresent Magazine, Fall 2021  

A Poem: Natus Ex Machina…

I imagine beginnings, Where word makers harnessed the stars, Leading up to the two of us. Now, the Atlantic air lifts the curtains Up over the indignities of dishes And unbleached enamel. Our worn minds and hands Retrace the contours Of mountains and empathy. Softly watching As crossroads and names Morph into self, into oblivion.  Published in Penumbra  2021