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Published Photography - 2023

punt volat : A diacritical mark of the Latin script, called punt volat (“flown dot”) in Catalan, and found in the combination l·l to distinguish it from the digraph ll . I am happy to announce that two of my photographs, "Paul's Photo" and "Homeward," have been featured in the journal Punt Volat . It's published in Catalan (Spain) by a number of emigrants from North and South America.   "Paul's Photo" was taken in San Francisco in 2022.  It's named for a friend in Colorado, who picked the photo out of my photo library as interesting.   The photo itself is of a street curb painted red in the alley way next to the Continental Hotel.  The line it took was beautiful enough to warrant a photo.   The second photo is a black and white image of the MBTA Commuter Rail Train I took back and forth to work into Boston in the fall of 2022.