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The Oxherd Series – In the World – Modern Koans

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The Oxherd Series is a collection of 10 images and commentary on the quest for enlightenment.  Its source is the Zen tradition. What you’re reading here is a satirical, but not all together purposeless, treatment of these so called stages. Using excerpts from one of my favorite cartoons, Bob’s Burgers, I hope to bring this old story into the present. There are no more barriers to the inner light of life. Clarity from a place of openness exudes from our acts, speech, and thoughts. Our emotions – no longer something to regret or repress…read more

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One Minute Meditation – Higher Ground

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What does it feel like to weather the storm with a sense of calm? How does it feel to sit gently in the midst of a maelstrom? Does it come naturally to you, or is it something that you need to work hard at?  I’m the second type. I have hypertension, and as I grow older the diagnosis reveals itself in very tangible ways.  There are many days when my meditation is mostly about releasing body tension. When my mind gets caught in a spin, I  feel it later in my shoulders and hands, my…read more

Ballade Of Worldly Wealth – Andrew Lang – Compass Songs

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Money taketh town and wall, Fort and ramp without a blow; Money moves the merchants all, While the tides shall ebb and flow; Money maketh Evil show Like the Good, and Truth like lies: These alone can ne’er bestow Youth, and health, and Paradise. Money maketh festival, Wine she buys, and beds can strow; Round the necks of captains tall, Money wins them chains to throw, Marches soldiers to and fro, Gaineth ladies with sweet eyes: These alone can ne’er bestow Youth, and health, and Paradise. Money wins the priest…read more

What Good Are Guns? – Dialectic Two Step

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Estimated reading time: 8 minute(s) I recently posted the image above on social media and I got a thoughtful response from a friend From a Buddhist perspective, I would think the fact that a gun is for killing a living being makes it hard to argue that its purpose is good. She makes a good point.  From a moral standpoint, guns don’t score well.  Their purpose is to do harm.  Whether to people or to animals.  But then from another perspective assigning a moral value to an inanimate object doesn’t…read more