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Letters from a Father by Mona Van Duyn – Compass Songs

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Letters from a Father by Mona Van Duyn I Ulcerated tooth keeps me awake, there is such pain, would have to go to the hospital to have it pulled or would bleed to death from the blood thinners, but can’t leave Mother, she falls and forgets her salve and her tranquilizers, her ankles swell so and her bowels are so bad, she almost had a stoppage and sometimes what she passes is green as grass. There are big holes in my thigh where my leg brace buckles the size of…read more

Peace Is Not Far Away – Apps for That

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I’ve started to expand my short meditation offerings to Insight Timer, home to more than 1,300,000 meditators, The timer is the top free meditation app on Android and iOS. I’ve been a member of that community for many years. I’m especially fond of the #virtualsangha group. This is a new variation on the theme that I’ve been producing for the last several years and requires a learning curve. I could use your help in a couple of ways. Go have a listen and provide some feedback on the meditation that…read more

The Best of 2016 Twitter Friends – Favorites

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Explore the word cloud image below to find my best 2016 twitter friends. Just click on the name to go to their twitter profile. THEN FOLLOW THEM. Created with @agnesbookbinder, @AmitayusX, @BennyFishall, @Berniemcg, @BetweenTheSun , @BevOpie , @buddhatree, @Buddhist68 , @Catherin03 , @dharmabum29 , @DrCLCampion, @DrNO_NC, @eva59t, @Eve_Castle, @fuzzylogic8250, @grey_rocks , @haikuinaction , @huk_fin , @JadeWolfDesigns , @JamesIacobus , @jaslbond, @livehealingly , @lyfeworksJOY, @metri83DB83 , @mettatastic , @mindfuljogger , @NoirPoetograpy , @ookiee, @OrdoFibonacci , @rascality , @romanagiulia , @sampoppy71 , @sea_jen , @SplashPlash , @stephanruest , @SymphonyMind , @Wackini…read more

Christmas Morning Coming Down – Peace On Earth

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A special repeat edition of Sunday Morning Coming Down (Let’s call it Christmas Morning Coming Down) One of my Christmas Favorites. This year is a sad one with the loss of David Bowie. Sunday Morning Coming Down is an ongoing music  video series.  The songs fit my definition of music for a lazy couch bound Sunday morning. Get Each Week’s Sunday Morning Coming Down In Your Email Box If you enjoyed this post,  please like and share. Peace On Earth\Little Drummer Boy Come they told me pa-rum-pum-pum-pum A new-born king to see pa-rum-pum-pum-pum Our…read more

Favorite Meditations by Andrew Furst

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Here are the top ten minute meditations here at  Enjoy 1 Frog Pond Skaters – A Two Minute Meditation 2 Upper Purgatory Falls – A One Minute Meditation 3 Garwin Falls – A Two Minute Meditation 4 Meditations on Gratitude – Cats 5 Meditations on Gratitude – Science 6 Meditations on Gratitude – Ken and Paul 7 Gratitude Under The Microscope – Meditations on Gratitude 8 Meditations on Gratitude – Our Partners 9 Skillful Means – A Two Minute Meditation 10 Meditations on Gratitude – The Three Questions