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How I Met My Crowdfunding Goal on Indiegogo

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About 2/3rds of the way through my crowdfunding campaign, I engaged a company call GoGoRocket to increase my projects ranking on Indiegogo. They have a multi-part strategy that includes a self marketing effort and a monster social media blast from them.  I hemmed and hawed over whether I should engage a service to boost my fund raising.  I didn’t decide to act until later in the project.  So one item I don’t address in this article is whether it makes sense to engage a company sooner or not. Crowdfunding Rank Metrics The key elements of the…read more


Free – A Senryu on Liberation

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Free Set free from the binds of teacher and business. The honey is sweet I am free. Yesterday was a day of liberation; sharp and shocking. I am basking in the weightlessness, if not a little worried.  I am settling on what’s important, and touching the ground below me. I am alright. My head knows its true, and my heart nods cautiously. A little plug: Yes, I am temporarily jobless. Purchasing my new book Western Lights would be a welcome gift, gratefully received.