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Meditation Techniques – Being Present To The Body

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Meditation Techniques This is the first in a series of articles on meditation techniques. When I lead meditation sessions, I always have one thing in mind – Entering the present moment by way of the body, breath, and mind. Everything I do is a riff on this. In this article I’ll offer a short, simple exercise that helps you enter the present moment by bringing your awareness to your body. Body Percussion Massage Starting with the left arm, firmly strike the body with an open palm. Cover as much of the skin…read more


My DIY Crowdfunding Video – The Voice Overs

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This is one of a series of articles I’m writing on self-publishing my first book Western Lights: A Collection of Short Essays on Buddhism.  One of the most important steps of the process was rasing the money to publish the book  I used the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to raise a little more than the $5,000 it took to get the book edited, the cover designed, the interior of the book layout done and book published on Amazon. This article is about how I did the voice overs form my crowdfunding…read more


Oneness – a Senryu On Getting It

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Oneness It’s not that we don’t Get each other, It’s that we Don’t show it that well We are all one, right.  Do we not get it, or do we not show it? I think it’s the latter.  We are sharply attuned to others, but in the business of everyday life, we don’t acknowledge this connection.