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13 December by Kate Greenstreet – Compass Songs

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13 December by Kate Greenstreet She considers a field. She considers a field and buys it. Let her have the fruit of her hands. We come down from the mountains. Yellow trees, green trees. I was leaving Earth but, before I did, I had to get rid of all my animals. My main one, my main model for behavior, was my snake. He was attached to the bottom of my foot but had become dangerous seeming and I was afraid he would bite me if he got the chance. My…read more

The Best Articles of November 2017

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Here’s a selected list of what people were reading here on in November 2017 : Secular Buddhism – What’s Your Take? – Modern Koans Southwest II – Tiny Drops (Photography) At What Point are We No Longer Human? – Modern Koans Compass Songs – Someone Should Start Laughing A Few Thoughts On Pure Land Buddhism- Collections Body Speech and Mind – Tiny Drops As I Walk with Beauty – Traditional Navajo Prayer Kaput – Verse Us (Poems by Me) Bigots? – Thoughts On American Ideals Kinsman Falls – Lower…read more

Blackledge Falls – A Minute Meditation

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. Lush black and green, a bryophetic fortress in spring. Falling water rains down not far from my childhood home. It took thirty years to find them, but they found me alive. During the meditation, let yourself be completely available to the sound of each bell.  Feel it pass through you, cleanse you, and bring you to a settled balance. Blackledge Falls – Glastonbury, CT If you enjoyed this post,  please like and share. Minute Meditations is an ongoing series of short videos, poems, and commentary intended as a meditation.  Offered as an opportunity…read more