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Can I Learn Buddhist Super Powers? – Dialectic Two-Step

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Question: Is there someplace in the world where they teach Buddhist super powers? Response: What exactly do you mean by super powers? What super powers are you interested in? Would you take anything anyone had to offer? To what end would you want to use this super power? The King Midas story offers a good view onto the drawbacks of super powers. Everything he touched turned to gold. He found that he couldn’t eat or drink as all his food and wine turned to gold when he touched it! Besides,…read more

Did Religion Create Evil? – Modern Koans

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Question: Did religion cause evil? Did evil cause religion, or is evil just evil period? Response: Mind created evil. There is no other source. Only within mind and in language is there evidence of something being bad or good. Further, these concepts are known differently from mind to mind and can change from situation to situation. Religion and other social contracts are an invention of mind to contend with morality. A moral system is a great tool for finding common moral ground and establishing a system to monitor and regulate…read more

Poem: Forty Eight Miles – Accepted for Publication

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My poem “Forty eight miles per second every million light years” was just accepted by Levee Magazine  It will appear in the Fall Volume 1 issue later this year.  I’ll be sure to announce when it is released. This poem being accepted was particularly unusual.  It was my first draft.  That never happens. If you enjoyed this post,  please like and share. Verse Us – Poems I write: haiku, senryu, mesostics, free verse, random word constructions, I might even use rhyme or meter once and a while. Dialectic Two Step, Modern Koans,…read more

The Best Articles of July 2018 from Andrew Furst

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Here’s a selected list of what people were reading here on in July 2018: Natural Bridge in North Adams MA Islamophobia, but no Christianphobia? – Dialectic Two-Step Sun Runes – Work in Progress Are You True to Yourself? – Modern Koans As I Walk with Beauty – Traditional Navajo Prayer Song by Bill Knott – Compass Songs The Fish – Work in Progress Going to This Great Place – Verse Us (Poems by Me) Fall of Songs – A Two Minute Meditation People are Strange – Quotes

Mind (Dry Ice) – A One Minute Meditation

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Mind (Dry Ice) My teacher once said “all is mind.” Such beautiful nonsense seeing Everest’s bitter cold aside a summer dumpster. Mind is all of a fool And so there is truth in it. Dry Ice evaporating on a loading dock in Cambridge, MA If you enjoyed this post,  please like and share. Minute Meditations is an ongoing series of short videos, poems, and commentary intended as a meditation.  Offered as an opportunity to step back from your cyber routine and settle into a more natural rhythm, if only for a minute. Dialectic…read more