A Poem - Of Cider and Softness

 Of Cider and Softness

This conspiracy
             I am willingly abetting
            Wends its way
            ‘twixt boulders
            And sunsets.
It holds you
             It holds grudges and faint whispers
             In a homemade basket;
             Brushes of skin on skin
             And wafting lavender smiles.
Neatly wrapped photographs
             Folded into my heart
             and into the back pockets of autumn’s worn jeans.
             They taste of cider and softness;
             Sandpaper and seashells;
             elastic bound and torn ‘round the edges.
This conspirator
like a deity.
             beyond sight or command;
ill or erratic in temperament;
             has planted the seed
of longing for you


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