Handmade Books: Chinese Rotary - A Bias Reflection


This little unconventionally unfolding book was inspired by my trip to San Francisco in May 2022 and a mild obsession with a rotary sign in Chestnut Hill. 

The book contains a few words in English

"We just wanted the universe and its perpetual perfect attendance"

The book contains a multitude of words in Chinese characters cut from a San Francisco Chinese translation of of the Conservative newspaper Epoch Times.

Knowing only a few things about the source of the Chinese characters
  • San Francisco origin
  • Chinese translation
  • conservative Epoch Times
  • May 2022 time frame
Leads, at least in my mind, down many contradictory paths. Ultimately I'm forced to know very little, to have very limited foundation for any opinions, and I am forced to contend with my biases. 


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