Introducing Ayeme



So, I'd like to introduce Ayeme, He was conceived in an overlap of body images drawn over the last year or so and a poem inspired by James Hannaham's book Pilot Impostor

I feel this is shaping up to be a limited edition book release. More on that to come if things germinate.

As the image suggests, Ayeme is also an overlap of pronouns, intended to illustrate the challenging mental gymnastics of identity.  While contemporaneous with the pronoun adjustments associated with gender identity, this is much more existential. 

In its current draft, the opening stanza hints at the pronoun usage.

I = the physical body
me = the self - a collection of ideas

It also explores the mysteries of birth to propose a way of conceptualizing the body and self that exposes the existential conundrums that are at the root of our world view and have perpetually vexed philosophers. 

Ayeme, if it blossoms, appears to be taking on a more basic form than Hannaham's Pilot Imposter, who I see as advancing the genre of Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet by adding modernity and juxtaposition. Ayeme maintains continuity because the slippery subject matter deserves clarity.  

Yes, the poem has roots in Buddhist philosophy - emptiness, dependent arising, and impermanence. But I am purposely avoiding the eastern trappings, because the conundrums are universal, too fundamental to cloud with religious mumbo-jumbo.  

Anyway, just a little preview into was in the seed pot nowadays.  


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