a reboot: brushes & canvas


Its been probably 20 years since I last spent time with paint and canvas.  In June I took a stab at it again.  I bought some cheap materials at Ocean State Job Lot and started to revive my chops.  This is the first of several posts of paintings that I've completed since June 2023. 

This painting connects back to an influence I discovered near Soho, NY in my 20s.  I wandered into a studio and found the works of James Coignard - a French abstract artist who had the right touch of composition and grit to inspire me.  

Later that day, visiting the Strand Book Store, I was lucky enough to find a copy of the limited edition book of his work.  That book is something I referred to regularly, and something to which I've reacquainted myself.

But the years have added new inspirations and perspective.  I've incorporated my printmaking and other elements that I've worked through since 2019, as part of my recovery routine when I lost some motor function in my right hand due to a blood infection. 

It's good to get back to painting.  Stay tuned for more. 


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