reboot: brushes & canvas - E Pluribus Unum


One of the recurrent themes of my works is the use of words, numbers, and ascemic writing.  In particular, I've felt drawn to the original motto of the United States.  E Pluribus Unum - out of many, one - has always felt more authentically American.  

In God We Trust, which replaced it in 1956, feels more like a Christian Nationalist political platform item than a unifying statement.  So I have adopted the use of the phrase in quite a few paintings and prints.

This painting is notable in that it starts with a black background and includes the use of handcut print stamp that produces a blueish white root like structure, or maybe even an image resembling sperm.  The blue coming from previous inkings in blue used for more traditional prints.

This is one of several black background paintings that have cropped up this summer. We'll see where this format goes.


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